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Wire Business

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The wire business of TAIHAN SYSTEMS Co., Ltd has been well recognized with its merits through our own excellent technical skills and know-how that can respond to various needs of customers from heating cables required for industrial sites that need to control heat using electric power to industrial device-specialized cables for power supply all over the automation systems and signaling and magnet wire business that is a fundamental area of the industry.



A heating cable converts electric power into thermal energy and temperaturizes medium using heat sources generated from the cable itself. It is widely used because it is easier to construct and maintain than to use insulating materials, steam heating, and hot water for the temperature maintenance in industrial sites. It is characterized by being used for various purposes such as pipe’s freezing and bursting protection, plant’s temperature maintenance, slow-melting on roads and the entrance of a parking lot, and building heating.


FA cable is an industrial device-specialized cable that supplies power and transmits signals all over the industrial devices and automation systems including robots, cable bares, and machine tools. It is designed and developed with higher flexible, wear-resistant, and chemical-resistant special materials and structures in order to be applied to various settings given in industrial sites.

Magnet Wire


A magnet wire is wound in a form of coil inside the electrical equipment and converts mechanical energy to electrical energy and vice versa. This wire must be used to every electrical system from the heavy electric machine business to automobile parts and consumer-electronics industry.

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