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We analyze work processes for information systems and reasons at an enterprise level and how to continue the improvement of services in order to meet service requirements of customers. After then, we suggest an evaluation and standardized modeling tool and work on it with an aim to raise business handling effects and efficiencies.

EA(Enterprise Architecture)

EA structures and visualizes work processes, application services, data, infra, security, and relations between them, and based on it, it provides services that continue to manage and improve organizations and IT.

BPR(Business Process Re-engineering)

BPR aims to establish flexible and intensive customer-focused value creation processes and maximize business handling effects and efficiencies using information technology (IT).

ISP(Information Strategy Planning)

ISP is to establish strategic plans for the best informatization and becomes a great tool that improves problems of present conditions from an analysis on tasks and informatization systems.

IT Governance

IT Governance is a system that manages resources, organizational structures, and processes in order to support and implement strategies and goals of corporations and organizations using IT

MDM(Master Data Management)

MDM can be convergence of technology, work process, and service. Through this, it integrates, refines, and supplements standard information of various dispersed systems throughout the enterprise and is able to accurately and perfectly create and maintain the information in time.

DQM(Data Quality Management)

DQM defines data’s quality indicators and quality measuring objects and methods that are consistently conducted to satisfy internal and external information systems of customers and DB users’ expectations, measures quality, and supports the advancement of data quality.

IT Integrated Diagnosis

IT Integrated Diagnosis aims for information system development, maintenance and operational propriety, effectiveness of system architecture, system security issues, and appropriateness of IT implementation organizations and procedures.

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